At MediaWorks, we see creativity as a tool to accomplish your marketing goals. From award-winning direct mail to cutting-edge commercials and web campaigns, we deliver messages that get results.

Who We Are

At MediaWorks, we do cable.

More specifically, cable advertising and marketing. From award-winning direct mail campaigns, to cutting-edge TV and radio commercials, we know what it takes to deliver targeted messages that get results. MediaWorks has been helping tell the cable story since 1996.

But our story begins long before that. Each of our principle management team members has over 30 years of industry experience – spending time on the front lines of companies like Time Warner, Storer Cable, Continental, CVI, Mediacom and Home Shopping Network.

MediaWorks is a full-service agency with experience in all aspects of Cable Marketing. From Subscriber Acquisition and Retention Campaigns, to Web Marketing and Project Management, we have years of experience working on successful campaigns for cable operators across America.



Self Mailers – Letter Packs – Postcards – Acquisition – Retention – Upgrade

When it comes to direct mail, only one measurement of success matters – results! And that’s fine by us. We’re proud of our creative product, but we love making the phones ring even more. At MediaWorks, we cut our teeth making the sale. And we’ve refined our process and tools over the years with each successful campaign. From strategy to creative, list selection to printing, fulfillment and more, MediaWorks will help you create a winning mail campaign that will deliver results.

Branding – Acquisition – Direct Response – Marketing & Incentive Videos – Webisodes

In the era of channel surfing, what’s it take to get noticed on TV? A big budget? A big cast? A big star? How about…a Big Idea! Whether your budget is big or small, or your reach is local or national…a great concept cuts through the clutter and helps build your brand. From script to screen, MediaWorks will deliver an engaging television campaign that will give the flippers pause for thought.


Radio is a captivating medium that can touch people on a personal level. Good radio commercials fuel the imagination and engage the senses with your brand story. That’s where MediaWork excels. Our writers have an unique ability to tell the “cable story” in radio by crafting fabulous characters, hilarious situations mixed with a judicious use of sound effects and music. With our talented staff, digital audio capabilities and the miracle of ISDN lines, we can bring in talent from Boston to Burbank on a moments notice, and deliver finished spots on the same day.


Our philosophy for making great print advertising is simple. Create ads that compel a response. Ads that give your brand a voice. And ads that speak to the customer on their terms and cut through the noise and clutter competing for their attention. In other words, ads that work.


To reach an on-the-go audience, you need to deliver messages where they work, play and shop. That’s where Billboards, Vehicle Wraps, Bus Shelters, and other outdoor media, can play an important part in your marketing campaign.

Good outdoor design follows a few easy rules…Make it big. Make it bold. And keep it simple, short and sweet.

Websites – Email Blasts – Twitter – Facebook – Digg

In a 24/7 world, every brand needs a presence on the web. And the MediaWorks Interactive Team can give you one. With a nuts and bolts fluency in web code and a rich design expertise, we can leverage the power of your brand and turn it into a remarkable interactive website, with email blasts, web banners and more.


If you have an umbrella campaign or existing creative that you would like to have help in customizing, printing, placing, coordinating and tracking, we can help you there too. We would be happy to put our expertise and our jam-packed rolodex to work for you. Just give us a call and we’ll get right on it.

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Marcia Malys – Senior Partner, Client Services
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Scott Reid – Senior Partner, Creative Director
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